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Unique designs spin in the wind, creating an absolute eye catcher. It is the most mesmerizing garden decoration. With the metallic colors, the durable composition and the SPECIAL designs, when bent into a 3d shape these twisters create an eye pleasing feature decoration. They are perfect when given as a gift for any home or garden. They really are 'JEWELS OF THE GARDEN'. 

THESE most fantastic spinners are 18 Gauge Heavy Duty POLISHED Steel... Powder Coated and BAKED ON FINISH for Long Life. The perfect way to watch a breeze as the wind hits the spinner, and sets it in motion.

THEY will transform your garden, patio, or deck into a gallery of motion and beauty. Place them on your entrance porch, patio, or even hanging from a tree or eaves, the results are the same. These products are durable, weather resistant and are made to look great through many years of use.
When they reflect the sun light, moon light or house lights they create a radiating pulsating visual effect.
They can be used indoors or outdoors. We can provide an optional battery operated spinner motor for better indoor operation.

MOST of our Wind spinners are manufactured in the Greater Toronto Area. Our design department is always coming up with new ideas, if you have any requests for a special team, company or group design, please let us know.

THE finest quality workmanship is put into every piece and they make unique gifts for friends and family.

They also make great garden ornaments to add to the beauty of your garden .

Hang them from the porch, balcony, gazebo, at the cottage, at the trailer, on your boat, roof overhang or from a tree on a fishing line.

We strive to provide quality service and support for all our products and to assure total satisfaction to our customers.

The spinners are available in Large 11" diameter and small 6" sizes.

RETAIL PRICE for the large 11 ", and the small 6" spinner is very competitive....please phone or email for details and special quantity discounts. For orders please email to 

Shipping and handling extra.

WHOLESALE  prices are available on request. Please inquire.


These Wind Spinners are painted with a powder coating that is baked on, to prevent rusting. 

To enhance your Wind Spinners turning ability, we recommend hanging the spinner on a piece of fishing line. There is very little resistance on the fishing line and your Spinner will turn with just a small breeze. Be sure to use fishing line heavy enough to hold your spinner and change it once a year to insure it's strength.
We stock many different designs. See 'Photo Gallery' and 'More Photos' at this website.

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